Elevate Your Sales Game with SFA Software

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    Increase Sales Team Productivity by 2.5x Times

    Accurate Sales Data

    Achieve 40 to 50 % faster return on investment with intelligent sales forecasting & data visibility on Real Time.

    Route Mapping and Travel History

    You can easily track the location of your field force to ensure they are on task. Simply program a route into the tool and it will record the start time, date and time of arrival. When they return, simply replay their route with a single click to maintain productivity.
    Real Time Sales Rep Tracking

    Get Complete Visibility on Sales Productivity with Real Time tracking on Google Maps 

    Inbuilt AI Assistance

    Inbuilt AI assistance in SFA software refers to the integration of AI capabilities and features within the SFA system to enhance its functionality, efficiency, and decision-making capabilities.

    Customer Tracking & Management

    Recibo software helps businesses maintain a centralized database of customer information.  

    Why Recibo?

    Only SFA with multilingual Functionality

    This feature allows users to interact with the SFA system in their preferred language, aiding in communication and overall efficiency.

    Advance AI with inbuilt Sales Assistant

    An advanced AI with an inbuilt sales assistant refers to a sophisticated artificial intelligence system that includes a sales assistant or virtual salesperson as one of its components. This type of AI aims to enhance various aspects of the sales process by providing intelligent insights, recommendations, and support to sales professionals.

    Build Your Own Dashboard

    Managed secured delivery to the stores. SMS/Email Notifications/OTP Based Notifications.Real time delivery tracking on Google Maps  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, Recibo is India’s first, Sales & Distribution solution which is available in Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Marati, Gujarati etc

    Yes, This is a offline app & all data can be entered without any Internet. 

    Location tracking is done with GPS. App gets automatically synced whenever there is internet.

    Recibo is a SAAS based application which can be set up in 1 – 2 days depending on your data availability. Android mobile application is available on Google Play Store.

    Recibo – Sales &  Distribution Mobile app works on any handset with Android version 5 and above.

    The app works seamlessly on phones which are 4 to 5 years old.

    Yes, We provide Dedicated & On premise deployment on server of your choice.

    We are hosted on AWS Cloud ( Amazon Web Services ) which is the most reliable, secured & fasted servers available. 

    We do not deploy in local cloud/servers. 

    We provide option for a dedicated deployment of server of your choice as well.

    Yes, We provide White labeling on Web portal UI & Mobile App UI.

    Please reach out to us for further details

    Minimum user slab is 5 on Annual package.

    Pricing is pay per usage model without any hidden charges.

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