5 Steps of Recibo App

Step 1 - Order Booking / Retail Stock Audit

Step 2 - Mark Visit if no Order

Step 3 - Capture Display or Competition Tracking

Step 4 - Add / Edit / Geo tag / Route Management of Customers

Step 5 - Log out for ending the day

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Order Management

Learn how to Book Secondary & Primary Order on Recibo App

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Customer Activity Tracking

Learn how to Capture Display, Merchandising & Competition Tracking

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Add / Edit / Geo Tag

Learn to add a new store, edit, Geo tag & schedule Route frequencies

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Leave / Expense Manahement

Learn how to mark attendance, Apply leave & Expense management

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Dashboards & Reports

Learn how to check Order summary, Productivity & Attendance dashboards.

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Web Portal Dashboards

Learn how to check Web Portal Dashboard & Reports

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MIS Admin Operations

Learn backend operations on how to add & edit configurations and settings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in following list.

Support Email ID - [email protected]

Does Mobile App work offline without internet?

Yes, Mobile App works offline without Internet

I am not able to Download App from Google Play store

App doesn't download if other Apps are in Queue in Google Play store and pending for Download due to Internet Connectivity. In such case go to Google Play Store Settings and stop existing App downloads.

Can I work on Mobile App by turning off my GPS / Location ?

No, Location / GPS is mandatory for App to work as all the activity inputs are captured with location coordinates & time stamp

What should be the Mobile Specification for using the Mobile App

Recibo App works smoothly on any Mobile Phone with Android Version 6 and minimum 2GB of RAM

I logged out for the day, How can I relog in for same day.

Once logged out there is no option for Re login for the same day. Dashboard and visit details can be Checked

I am not able to see my stores / Route/ Distributors

Please reach out to your MIS Admin / Supervisor if your there is any Mismatch in store / Route / Distributor data. We will connect with your MIS admin to sort it out.

Error - App already installed on other device with this User ID

Mobile App is locked to be used in only one Device at a time. In case of any Mobile handset changeover contact your admin team to reset the device from backend.

Error - Attendance not Synced

Check your internet connectivity & click on Sync icon. Still problem persists restart your phone once.

Error -Something Went Wrong

This is due to conflicts in data. Restart your phone once and try again. If problem persists click on "Send database and share it to Recibo support through WhatsApp.

Download Analytics App

Analytics App is only for Senior Management team

( RSM & Above designation )


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